Who I am

I was born in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) on September 18, 1971.

I produce both artworks using traditional techniques and employing robots and algorithms. Almost all of my works are paired with a narrative that is an integral part of them. The connection is so close that I have called this mode of expression "Didascalysm."

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Padua) and a PhD in Applied Mechanics of Machines (University of Brescia). Attendance at the Liceo Artistico Statale "Amedeo Modigliani", experience abroad as visiting professor at Ohio University and Strathclyde University allowed me to embark on a path of research inherent in the relationship between man, technology and art.  

I am currently the Director of the Department of Engineering and Architecture at the University of Trieste. In 2002, I founded from scratch the Mechatronics and Robotics Laboratories at the University of Trieste, where I now carry out most of my research activities. My research areas include robotics and human-machine interfaces.

In addition to my academic commitment, my interest in art has developed into branching forms and conceptualizations. My training in this path began with attending collectives related to conceptual art and then continued under the banner of curiosity.

In my later years, I became fascinated by the relationship between technology, art and robotics, which continues to generate questions in my mind revolving around the human dimension in the technological era in which we are immersed.Painting with robots has become my expressive tool. Generating algorithms by exploring new aesthetic content has become my vocation.

More generally, the focus of his cognitive inquiry is on the relationship between man and technology, an activity that has declined in multiple communicative spheres; mainly through art and popularization.

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